Joe Lam 林嘉榮

Joe Lam is – quite literally – the father of Asian American advertising and marketing. He is also probably the only advertising executive in the U.S. with over thirty years experience in Asian American marketing. In 1984, Joe and his partners founded L3 Advertising Inc., the first advertising agency in the U.S. to implement an Asian American program for a Fortune 500 client. In 2006, Joe later launches JLG Entertainment, a production and entertainment company, to create and produce unique broadcast and digital content for clients, including the award-winning Better Living in USA TV series.Recently Joe has also received the ADCOLOR “Advertising Industry Legend” Award.

林嘉榮可謂名副其實的美國亞裔廣告和市場行銷之父,也是唯一擁有超過30年美國 亞裔市場行銷經驗的廣告元老。 林嘉榮和他的搭擋於1984年成立了美國第一家的 亞裔廣告公司,李林廣告, 為世界500強企業之一執行廣告行銷。 林嘉榮於2006年 創立JLG娛樂製作公司, 製作原創電視節目,作品包括得獎的電視節目,《美化家 居》。 他近期並榮獲由ADCOLOR頒發的 “廣告界傳奇”獎。