Peiyin Cheong 張佩瑩

Visual designer with a public relations background, Pei has been involved in brand strategy and design for various tech gadgets in the market. Pei is also a freelance brand consultant for a wide range of projects from TV and online shows to startup websites. When she’s at her leisure time, you will always find her baking something sweet in her kitchen.

張佩瑩擁有獨特的品牌策劃和視覺設計背景,結合公關經驗,造就他廣闊的人脈以 及獨樹一格的品牌打造風格。她受聘於多家電子產品公司,負責網絡平面設計和品 牌策劃,以及擔任顧問工作。 閒暇之餘,他喜歡烘焙甜點。