Tracey Wan 尹麗曉

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Tracey came to the USA by herself when she was 16 years old. She graduated from Fordham University in 2013. Since she is very interested in media and fashion, she gained various internship opportunities while attending college, such as a full time internship with Phoenix Satellite Television Company as a reporter, public relations for Orbis, fashion stylist. She is currently working as a full time stylist and public relations practitioner. Other than that, she manages her own fashion blog T.Size Small.

出生和成長在香港的麗曉在16歲獨自來到美國繼續學業,2013年在Fordham University獲的學士學位。抱著對媒體和時裝的熱誠,她在大學期便在鳳凰衛視當 實習記者,奧比斯救盲組織的公關和為紐約本地品牌作造型設計。現在她除了是全 職時裝造型師和公關,也在經營自己的時裝部落格T.Size Small。